Pandell Projects Support

Current Version: 7.3

How to Access the Online Help - For 7.x and Below

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Sign in to your Projects installation and click the help menu as shown. Version 3.8 and above allows automatic login to the Online Help system.

What You Can Expect from Pandell's Online Help

  • Help Videos Online software training through the power of video. Learn at your own pace about some of the most common help topics and tasks.
  • Tip Sheets View and print out common operation tips. Can't remember how to perform a certain task? A tip sheet is the perfect reminder.
  • Manuals Get help the old fashioned way! View the help document onscreen or print out the manual and have the entire reference guide at your fingertips.
  • Product Docs Release Notes, upgrade programs, and extra support files that can aid you when working with your product.